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Kenneth Duncan[edit]


欢迎你来拜访我个人的网址! 我的中文名字叫陈竟立。我住在马尼拉,菲律宾;在一所华校读书。我喜欢学很多科目,&#20854中是社会学,宗教,心理学,统计,语言,文化,etc。

如果你对我的编写有意见, 请在网站跟我联络。


Hi! I am currently a secondary student in one of the many Chinese schools in Metro Manila, Philippines. I am interested in the fields of Social and Political Sciences, Religion, Psychology, Statistics, Languages, Culture, etc.


I am a Chinese of race and ancestry, but of Philippine citizenship. However, I discourage myself from making any undue patriotic allegiance to any country, including the Philippines, Taiwan (Republic of China), People's Republic of China, or to the United States of America as of the present time. This is because like other overseas Chinese, it is usual for us to have confusion in our national identities. Nevertheless, I am working towards becoming a productive member of the global community, and that is what matters me most.


I believe in God, who is the Supreme Being, Intelligent Designer, Creator and Grand Architect who is characterized with infinite love and power. His love for us is especially manifested through his sending of the Lord Jesus Christ, and with a personal relationship with His son, the original relationship between God and man would be restored. This is key to a meaningful life on this world and for eternity. An old cathechism states regarding the mission of life: "Our purpose is to know Him, love Him and serve Him forever and in the next." Apart from these, I also feel that part of the purpose of life is to learn, develop talents, and accomplish noble goals.


I believe in supernatural phenomena, as it is very well documented. I believe it is perfectly rational to believe in the existence of God and that is why most humans believe in organized religion or supernatural phenomena. Even atheists do have some form of religious devotion in their lives (Encyclopedia Americana). I would like to invite all who have an open mind to consider the subject of creation. The book Belief in God and Intellectual Honesty notes that the one who possesses "intellectual honesty" is characterized by a "readiness to scrutinize what one believes to be true" and "to pay sufficient attention to other evidence available." Our considering of this subject would shed light on how our lives can become more meaningful and rewarding.


Ever since childhood, I have full of dreams and ambitions. Among them are becoming a researcher, historian, United Nations ambassador or representative, entrepeneur, businessman, teacher, etc. This is all part of my commitment to education and personal contribution towards the betterment of humanity.


If you have questions or suggestions on any page I edited, feel free to contact me on the "User_talk:Kennethduncan" link or for other concerns, e-mail me at [].