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We are a relatively unknown religion, a small circle, but I and a few others would like to elaborate on our beliefs in hope that you will understand our ideas and maybe see the value in them sometime in the distant future.

Maddipper (usually spelled in bright green and capital letters, but we are known to make exceptions) unearthed a small spot in Spanish-speaking Nicaragua thousands of years ago. Our beliefs center around the idea that he was experimenting with (or testing) the earth. He played with metaphysics and space-time and created a vast multitude of magic and miracles. This forgotten land we call simply Maddipper (for that is what he marked the spot with). It is known as our holy land.

Maddipper would disappear on and off, and upon one miraculous day a Spanish man named Lunar stumbled upon this joyful spot while wandering through an empty, unknown territory (in all likelihood he had gotten lost while on an expedition for a European ship captain, but we are not entirely sure).

Now, what caught his eye was a symbol engraved in the ground. It was said to have glowed bright green, lighting up the earth and sky. This symbol consisted of two hollow circles standing upon each other, a series of lines, a bow, and hundreds of tilde. Most likely, Maddipper had been fascinated with the Spanish language and experimented constantly with this strange symbol used for phonetics.

Lunar gaped in amazement. Seconds later, a piece of bread and water was conceived upon the very ground that he gazed at. And too, a map.

Lunar ran home to his village to tell his friends. He did not want to tell the entire town, for a high number of inhabitants would disturb Maddipper greatly if they tread upon his land, so Lunar thought.

They followed Lunar hesitantly, assured he was crazy, but sure enough, there stood the same spot with a symbol of magic and peace engraved upon the ground. They grew to enjoy this spot immensely, and would return on and off. They too would mark the territory with self expression, leave, and upon coming back they would sometimes see a response, lit in green.

This went on for some time. The group formed their own language to speak to Maddipper, mostly with a series of simplistic abbreviations of the language that the Spanish spoke with. They reduced their vocabulary and this seemed to have a profound effect on Maddipper's joy. He even granted the group magical powers one day, for he felt blessed by their presence, and the group likewise.

One day a small peasant, disdained wholly by the public, whom the townsfolk referred to as Element, overheard the group discussing Maddipper. He followed them to the spot and was instantly spellbound by its magic. Unfortunately, he informed the townsfolk of its presence and almost immediately a rush of people came to Maddipper.

They polluted the area, stretched out the land with symbols of fraud self expression, and upset Maddipper immensely. He called out in a dispirited, angry voice, "No more of this. It is bad and you shall be bannished." He bannished them all from the area and sealed all entrances to this great land.

Long story short, years of visions and witnessing miracles have led us to believe that we are the heirs of the original elite, conceived from the Elite's powers in a last-hope attempt to spread the word of Maddipper.

Much to our offense we have been called crazy, spontaneous, and at times racist. But we hope you will hear us out and and take note of the things we see every day —things we hold dear, just like you.